48 thoughts on “神祕之夜 2012-04-07:

  1. Hi all

    It was glad to hear this show again. It was such awesome show that hope you guy to continue the show.

  2. 哥倫布探案,於1968至1978年在美國NBC國家廣播公司電視台的NBC神秘之夜節目中與《麥高探長》 、《麥美倫探長》等警匪片循環輪流播出.

    • 係唔係不斷插咀果個?我都覺得佢好煩,講野又唔係有內容又唔係好笑,搞gag又唔係補充又唔係,不斷係到打斷話題,呢個就係差d要做第五節既主因!!

  3. 感謝三位主持重開節目, 還有Calvin及其他人仕解決各種問題, 令節目得以復播。想請問神秘之夜是否仍然維持每星期六晚一集﹖

  4. 恭喜三位主持 再次開咪!!


  5. 今日如常打開個iTunes,眼球被Podcast同步畫面的『神秘之夜』字眼所吸引,果然係新一集神秘之夜,實在叫人興奮!感謝你們久休復出。

  6. 我聽完上年最後一集後,將整個ARCHIVE完完整整聽一次,剛好就撞到新一集開始。世界就無咁橋!

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  8. Excellent program… but not enough promotion. I could not find this until this afternoon… after numerous search. Great to listen to the program again. Many thanks.

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